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Submit Your Application by 5PM on October 8th

BASIS Applications

submit your application by 5PM October 8th

Application now CLOSED

Please submit your application to BASIS both online (click here) and in hard copy by 5PM Wednesday, October 8th. Please turn in the hard copy in a manila envelope to Pamplin 2063–slide your application under the door if no one is present. We look forward to reviewing your applications and will get back to you as soon as possible.

In your application please include the following:

  • Resumé
  • Unofficial transcripts
  • Statement of interest: One page explaining why you are interested, what you can contribute, and what you hope to get out of BASIS

Remember to join us at our Information Sessions!
October 3rd, 2014 — 6PM in Pamplin 2030
October 6th, 2014 — 6PM in Pamplin 31

Attention: BASIS will be conducting a Resume Review in the Pamplin Atrium on September 15th from 10AM – 5PM — we welcome you to drop by and receive resume help from students who have successfully been through the internship and career recruiting process.

Virginia Tech Spotlight: BASIS and SEED

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BASIS Mandate Expanded by Virginia Tech Foundation

December 6, 2013webmasterBASIS News0
Bond And Securities Investing by Students

The Virginia Tech Foundation expanded the investment options available to the student managers of the BASIS fund.

The Virginia Tech Foundation expanded the investment options available to the student managers of the BASIS fund on Sept. 6, broadening the scope of credit quality to the entire range of investment grade securities plus some lower-rated bonds and allowing the fund wider latitude in its choice of interest rate risk exposure. In addition, the policy expands the size of the corporate bond segment of the portfolio even though the overall fund size will be capped at $5 million.

“The vote of confidence in BASIS’s ability to manage risk comes at a critical time when the economy is facing new Federal Reserve tactics, global political crises, a European economy that is not growing, and a U.S. economy experiencing slow and uneven growth,” said George Morgan, finance professor and a BASIS advisor.

BASIS is eager to accept the new challenges and opportunities expressed in the updated investment policy, he said. The changes are the biggest shift in the investment policy since the fund’s inception in 2006.

By significantly expanding the securities that can be held and the positions that can be taken, the new policy gives BASIS students the opportunity to develop and demonstrate their skills on a new level. Student learning will be enhanced by the changes as will the opportunity to earn better returns on the foundation’s endowment funds. The earnings from the BASIS portfolio generate funds to support scholarships, professorships, and other university programs and needs.

Third Annual BASIS Alumni Reunion

3rd Annual BASIS Alumni Reunion

BASIS Alumni Visit Virginia Tech

Alumni will meet the current group of students, network among our successful alumni, see how BASIS has grown and is continuing to progress, and will have the opportunity to provide feedback and advice to our most recently admitted members, our continuing members, and those who will graduate next month. Sessions will include discussions of the past year, discussions of career paths, and presentations on market developments.

  • April 20th, 2013
  • 9AM* – 12PM
  • Pamplin 30

* Breakfast will be served prior to the start of the meeting

Sample Newsletters Created by BASIS Members

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BASIS Newsletters

view our sample newsletters

BASIS is proud to present a few samples of our internal work, our newsletters. Each sector releases a bi-weekly

newsletter to update the whole group of not only the sectors’ holdings but also relevant current events and market opinions. The following are by the Industrials & Utilities sector and the Sovereigns, Agencies, and Supranationals sector. Enjoy!

If you have any comments or feedback, please feel free to contact us.

Orientation and The Year Ahead

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BASIS Orientation at Pamplin Hall

Pamplin Hall

As the BASIS team members returned from their challenging and rewarding summer internships experiences, they were excited and re-energized about the opportunities the new school year will hold. BASIS’s mission is simple “To provide educational opportunities, on behalf of the Virginia Tech Foundation, through the successful implementation and operation of a student-led, fixed income, investment fund.”

BASIS looked to continue its mission and make this year the most rewarding yet. Through our fall orientation, members learned about transactions carried out by the Summer Investment Committee, and they were also given the opportunity to discuss their internship experiences. Members also discussed portfolio management, current events, and new tools accessible to the group.

The summer presented new challenges for our Summer Investment Committee. BASIS received a tender offer for one of our holdings, and the committee was tasked with determining whether or not the offer aligned with the needs of the portfolio. Several factors were considered for the deal including possible returns or the discounting of future ones, effects on the portfolio’s duration and weightings, and changes in exposure to sectors of the market.

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Welcome to our Redesigned Website

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Welcome to the redesigned BASIS website.*

*Please excuse the constant changes as we are still updating and fine-tuning the design of our site.

To provide educational opportunities, on behalf of the Virginia Tech Foundation, through the successful implementation and operation of a student-led, fixed income, investment fund.